Photo of Rlc Island Charm 'Bette' Photo of Ctna Peggy San 'Cynosure' Photo of C Mem Ellen Littman 'Deborah' Photo of Rlc Island Charm 'Dl Flare' Photo of Ctna Azza 'Lea' Photo of C Royal Beau 'Anthea' Hcc Aoc Photo of Rth Dal's Jet 'Jumbo' Photo of C Mini Purple 'Jessica' Hcc Aoc Photo of C walkeriana 'GJW' Photo of C Cherry Bee 'Bette' Photo of Rth Dal's Delight 'Margaret' Photo Of Rlc Sunstate Colour Chart 'Emberside' Photo of Rlc Serene Beau 'Margaret' Photo of Rth Rosella Supreme 'Allan' Photo of Rlc Dal's Passion 'Red Lip' Photo of Rlc Redland Surprise

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Welcome to our new web site

The purpose of this site is provide Cattleya Orchid growers the opportunely to view some of the late David Littman's collection of quality Cattleyas. Also available are some images of the quality hybrids David has produced

David and Bette travelled extensively to obtain breeding plants of the highest quality to improve mini and medium Cattleyas in Australia.

David's achievements were acknowledged by receiving a special award from the Australian Orchid Council in recognition for the hybridization of Cattleyas.

Most plants registered by David carry his initials = Pot Dal's Emperor

Included on this site are photos of many flowers made available to me by orchid friends and acquaintances

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